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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Lindsy Lohan Fashion Artical

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Lindsay Lohan, the Hollywood bad girl whose life and career became a tabloid soap opera, faces her toughest audience in Paris on Sunday. This time, however, she is not acting — and she will be stone cold sober. Under the circumstances, she could be forgiven a celebratory glass of champagne. Shortly after lunchtime, Miss Lohan, 23, the star of Freaky Friday, Mean Girls, and Herbie:Fully Loaded, will take her bow on a Paris catwalk, as the new artistic adviser at the famous French fashion house of Emanuel Ungaro.The hot-pink and orange colours, sequins, and monochrome tailoring in leather and silk are the creations of Miss Lohan and the little-known Spanish designer Estrella Archs. “This is the real me,” Miss Lohan said excitedly in an interview for The Sunday Telegraph. “Working with Estrella and the team at Ungaro is a dream come true. “Fashion is one of my favourite things in the world and this is the best week of my life. I’m just so excited; it has hardly hit me yet. I’ve got jet-lag, but I was here until midnight, trying things on, looking at accessories.”The new job should win her very different headlines to the ones that have fascinated tabloid readers. As well as candy-floss movies, her press cuttings are dominated by lurid tales of drug abuse, drink-driving, boys, police trouble and a much-publicised lesbian relationship. Miss Lohan described her role at Ungaro as “advising”. She said: “I’m young. I know what it’s like. Lots of girls want to dress like me. I always like to ask my friends when I buy stuff, or my sister Aliana who’s with me in Paris. I’m doing the same thing here, giving my perspective.“ Sometimes, with my own clothes, I just take a pair of scissors to take the hem up; I might just do that. My sister and I are going to be sewing the headbands I want the models to wear. “It’s incroyable. Estrella and I are doing amazing things.” By the end of today, Miss Lohan will have discovered whether the harshest critics she may ever face agree with her or not.